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The Dordogne River, a natural gem in southwestern France, meanders through breathtaking landscapes. Its clear waters, surrounded by green hills, offer an idyllic setting for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

For a hike of 2 to 6 days , the Dordogne invites you to explore its hidden treasures at your own pace. Let yourself be seduced by the wild beauty of this river, where tranquility and magic operate at every moment.

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The Dordogne, an incredible river

The Dordogne, proud and majestic, meanders through French lands, offering a natural spectacle of exceptional beauty. This emblematic river, whose course extends over nearly 500 kilometres, carries with it a precious heritage.Classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2012, it is the jewel of exceptional biodiversity.

In the heart of the Dordogne valley, the MAB (Man and Biosphere) label testifies to the commitment to the preservation of this unique ecosystem. The enchanting landscapes, verdant forests and flourishing meadows are home to flora and fauna of extraordinary diversity. The Dordogne is a source of inspiration for naturalists, explorers and nature lovers.

To sail on its waters is to dive into a living picture, where the medieval castles perched on the hills are gracefully reflected. The picturesque villages along the river tell the rich and turbulent history of this region. The Dordogne is the cradle of ancient traditions, artistic craftsmanship and gastronomic delights.

MAB UNESCO, by granting this distinction to the Dordogne, has recognized the importance of preserving this natural and cultural heritage of inestimable value.Thus, the river becomes a symbol of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, where economic and social development is in perfect harmony with the conservation of biodiversity.

In this unspoiled valley, each paddle stroke, each step on the banks, is a tribute to the fragile beauty of the Dordogne. So let yourself be enchanted by the serenity of its waves and preserve this natural treasure for future generations.


Hikes that amaze

Our departure most upstream of the Dordogne, the village of Argentat, will give you the impression of going back to the time of the gabarriers and up to Beaulieu in Corrèze, the Dordogne river reveals wild landscapes of rare beauty. You will also observe the wooded hills which rise majestically, while the valley sinks gracefully into a narrow gorge. The waterway here unfolds generously, offering a wide expanse to explore.The landscapes bear witness to the transition between the mountains and the causses, where the river gradually widens to give way to the imposing appearance of the cliffs.

From Gluges to Souillac, in the Lot, a characteristic picture of the causses is revealed. Limestone cliffs stand tall, interspersed with light sparse forests. Wild islands dot the waterway, while charming little villages nestle in the hollow of these long deserted sections. Nature thrives here, with an abundance of birds and fish, providing a harmonious symphony.

From Souillac, in the Lot, to Beynac in the Dordogne, the valley is transformed and transports you to a new landscape. The horizons widen, the forests thicken and the cliffs take on a warm yellow color, reminiscent of the stone of Périgord. The river twists gracefully, forming vast meanders, called cingles. It is at this precise moment that you enter the Périgord noir, an enchanting territory.

Remarkable natural sites follow one another, with the backdrop of the medieval castles that stand majestically on the cliffs. Picturesque villages emerge from the landscape, providing scenes worthy of a fairy tale. Many mysterious caves are also hidden in the folds of this marvelous valley.

Embark on a journey to the heart of the wild beauty of the Dordogne, where each meander reveals a new wonder and where nature is revealed in all its splendor.


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Hike according to your desires

We provide you with the boat, watertight container, buoyancy aid, paddles and shuttle transport, all you have to do is plan your meals and your nights.

You can plan to spend your nights in a bivouac to enjoy the hiking experience in the middle of nature, or plan to book accommodation on the way if you prefer.


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