To know us a little better...

The founding team

Laurent Lafarge
The founding paddlers

continues his family tradition of commitment, hard work and play (he is descended from a French resistant, a blacksmith and an accordeonist) using his jack-of-all-trades skills as a volunteer in Africa before helping local start-ups, and now skippering Canosphère (when not hunting the season’s first mushrooms).
His ideal: Laurent loves climbing plants.
His motto: “The true generosity to the future is to give everything to the present.”(Albert Camus)

Fabrice Placet
The founding paddlers

Fabrice (the happy offspring of a pianist and a poet) grew up amidst the beloved insects of his adored Périgord, who hold no secrets from him, great or small, and whose lessons he has shared for twenty years with the world beyond, spreading French culture in Latin America and more recently in Italy.
His ideal: Fabrice wants to take you electric tricycling up the Dordogne! (This time we had to say, Yes.)
His motto: « It is not because something is difficult that we do not dare. It is only because we do not dare that it is difficult!” (Seneca)

Thierry Pasquet
The founding paddlers

Thierry (who answers to the name Bill)
is a friendly native of Carsac, whose rustic stone farmhouse welcomes guests beneath the shady live-oaks, who followed his instinct and left his balance-sheets for the reporter’s notebook, first in the peaceful Dordogne and then in troubled Iraq before following the Foreign Legion around French Guiana, and finally returning to the walnut-cakes of home.
His ideal: Bill wants to take you kite surfing up the Dordogne. (We had to say, No.)
His motto: « Wait until you have crossed the river before insulting the crocodile. » (African proverb.)

Christophe Yemsi
The founding paddlers

Christophe (Toff to friends old and new) a typical international Périgordian (of Cameronian and Germanic descent) is an athletic scientist and goat-cheese enthusiast, who has worn out many passports on his travels, and will enchant you with his fireside tales of adventure when you make acquaintance at his new home port of Canosphère.
His ideal: Christophe wants to build a chicken coop.
His motto: « I wish I were always on the point of departure, knowing where to return. »

The genesis of Canosphère

Canosphereis all about four of Dordogne’s children cominghome. For many years we have lived afar: we have taught abroad, moved in cultural and diplomatic circles, managed logistics for humanitarians, carried out sometimes perilous missions and toured the world in order to know it better in order to share our experience.

Like our work, the Dordogne satisfies our urge for curiosity, a taste for the unknown and an ever-lasting discovery of world’s beauty. All this time, Perigord has been our refuge, uniting the four of us around our love for the river and for canoeing; therefore we decided to give birth to Canosphere!

Here is how it became reality:

Winter 2018: an evening sharing happy memories together, a few jokes to test the companies’ wits then quickly back to more earthly concerns and our need for commitment. We agreed that our varied travels and our professional duties both in France and overseas have made us aware of what is urgent in the world. We observed that Perigord is unharmed for the moment, but here and there we have noticed a drop in the butterfly population, fewer and fewer fresh water springs and the increasing efforts birds and fish have to make in order to follow their migratory routes.

The evening drew to an end with us exhausted at the prospect of impending catastrophes leading to a short term ecological chaos. So, the very next day we decided to act for our river by giving back some of what it gave us, and being active for its future.

Making this future come true is now today’s concern! The whole of the Dordogne basin was classified as UNESCO BIOSPHERE RESERVE in July 2012. Since then several   have been implemented and tested to enable biodiversity conservation, cultural valorisation and social and economic development all to coexist in harmony. We strongly believe that ecoresponsable canoeing can participate in respecting the balance of nature. . This is the conviction that gave birth to Canosphere in December 2018

Our project

CanoSphère est un projet de partage où nous offrons à la fois des randonnées sur la rivière et sur les chemins mais aussi une programmation culturelle, une terrasse gourmande avec son coin lecture ombragé au bord de l’eau. This project also reflects the strong engagement of4 local guys willing to share with you the richness ofour DordogneValieywhEie respecting nature and human values. Nevertheless the Dordogne is a!so a fragile environment and needs our heip

In terms of eco-responsibility:

  • Asf ar as ecosensibility goes, we endeavour to finance nature protection programmes : in choosîng our offer of canoes you too participate. As share of the priceyou pay goes to those programs; thus you too are aware of the need for a green and responsible tourism. Click here if you wish to take part in our Facebook poil.
  • Join various activities iike the « 1% for the planet »
  • Help in promoting a local économie circuit and a change in our practises in order tominimise our impact on nature, (using green « ecocert » products).
  • Usinga 100%green eiectricîty, we helpenergetic transition : forthe runningofourbase and « guinguette » (bar), we use Enercoop . this furnisher of electricity promotes a responsible source of energy and involves ioca! citizens.
  • Creating a convivial place where to meet and exchange knowiedge and expériences help mutuaf understanding between people. Organising concerts, forums and various events is a good way of making this river betterl-known.

Finally our professional backgrounds have made us aware of the real sense of hospitality. Justasyou/we have used différent offersoftouristicactivities; with Canosphère we believe in INTERACTSNG with you, in quality service and warm réception of our clients. Thèse are key notions to ouractivityshared byourwholeteam . These are key notions to our activity shared by our whole team

Welcome to our poetical, nature friendly and open to all world. Welcome to CanoSphere.